When Anne and Jonas Beiler of Auntie Anne’s famous pretzels first
bought a stand at a local farmers market in Pennsylvania, they were thinking of
starting a counseling service for the locals. After that fell through, it makes
more than enough sense that they would then take the most logical next step: start making pretzels. Wait, what? Since they were not grossly overcharging for
advice that any bum off the street could give, they went in the direction that
was actually making money: delicious pretzels. Since then Auntie Anne’s has
opened many new branches throughout the US and even internationally. They are
almost a household pretzel name at this point.

At the
start of the 2012 spring semester, a new Auntie Anne’s was opened in the Stamp
Student Union in the heart of campus. Sharing half of a stand with Taco Bell
and with Panda Express on its left, one can only surmise how legitimate it
really is. The menu is a pretzel connoisseur’s wet dream and includes items
like pretzels, pretzels dipped in various seasonings and even the ambitious hot
dog wrapped in pretzel dough. The variety is just overwhelming to those who
have never been fortunate enough to get one of these famous pretzels. However, despite the size of the stand and
the lack of choices, the stand does draw a decent sized customer base.

just had one of these legendary pretzels the other day I can safely say that
they are by far the best pretzel around. If you don’t believe me, just look at
the logo, the pretzel is so heavenly it even has a halo. I am straining to think
of another establishment that serves a pretzel this divine. All and all, I
would have to say that Auntie Anne’s takes the cake…err dough for best
Pretzel on campus.