The bathroom is a dirty place. Not just in the
kind of way, but also in the “have-sex-hanging-from-the-shower-curtain-rod”
kind of way. Taking both of these
into consideration, I have found the latest inSTALLment of STRWSAS: Sea Oak by
George Saunders.

Now I know what some of you may be thinking: don’t get all
smart and Ivy and literary on me now, Jared. But fret not, loyal readers, I
still pronounce the Z in rendezvous.
This is not your normal high horse, capital L literary experience.
Instead, it takes the dirty-shower-sex feel that your dorm room knows so well
and manifests it when the narrator tells of male strippers, a club called
joysticks, and dicks of all kinds. But, like your roommate’s dirty tampon dangling
by its string from the towel hook, this story too takes a turn for the
grotesque. I shan’t give the twist away, but let’s just say grandma’s off her
rocker and on her supernatural crazy pills.

If you’re one to giggle when your bubbe has an extra glass
of wine at Purimand starts dropping F-Bombs just how her Shalom Retirement
Center Nurse Courtney taught her, then this truly is a tale for you.

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