Everyone’s waiting on something””read on to see what your desired class says about you.

L98 AMCS 314 Children’s Literature Since World War II:
From E.B. White to J.K. Rowling
““ Oh, I get it. You like reading, but not that much. You vaguely remember a time in your life when all it took to make you happy was curling up with a good book””and then having your parents read it to you because you were six years old. Or maybe you’re just really into knowing more than your instructor
(“Excuse me, Professor? I’m pretty sure Voldemort was the only one to successfully immortalize his soul into multiple horcruxes”¦”)

L98 AMCS 3028Music of the 1960’s ““ Your regular dealer is going abroad and you desperately need to pick up an eighth.

L90 AFAS 209 African Studies: An Introduction ““You are fascinated by other cultures and hope to learn as much as you can about a continent that was so shamefully under-represented in your high school history classes. You want to open your mind and nobly tackle tough issues like colonization and slavery. You also really need a Cultural Diversity credit. Like, bad.

L79 EuSt 364 Anarchism: History, Theory, and Praxis ““ You were that kid in high school who wore black jeans and combat boots to class. You collect “isms” like it’s your job, from veganism to anarcho-syndicalism, though at the end of the day your parents worry about your lack-of-any-real-friends-ism. Deep down you want to boost your GPA, but in a class of anarchists, who grades the papers?

L08 Classics 383 Magicians, Healers, and Holy Men ““ When you saw this in the course listings, you probably wet your cloak. This class definitely cast a Level 3 Charm Spell on you. If you spend Sundays hitting fellow nerds with foam swords outside of Liggett/Koenig to rescue a (fictional) damsel in distress, this class is for you. Unfortunately, this course will not cure your Level 7 acne.

L14 E Lit 438 Aesthetic Negativity: Adorno, Benjamin, and Kracauer on
Literature, Art, and Media
““ Between mussing your hair and adjusting your Buddy Holly glasses, you probably spend most of your time whining that the live Sigur Rós album just doesn’t capture their essence. You use words like “dialectic” and “epiphenomenalism” in casual conversation, as in “These Bagel Bites are totally Wittgensteinian.”

L15 Drama 368 Black Theater Workshop III ““ For those of you who have taken Black Theater Workshop I and II. Limited enrollment though, so don’t all sign up at once.

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