Ever feel like throwing a rager, but
didn’t know how to get the word out about it? Ever wish you knew
where all of the parties in your area were? College Party University is a social
network that helps you advertise your parties and find parties
happening around you.

On CollegePartyUniversity.com you will
be able to invite certain groups of people (like your sports team,
fraternity, or some other group you create) to a party you are
throwing. This will make it a lot easier to alert your friends about
the event. Or, you can choose to invite your whole school or
community. People will be able to try to RSVP to your party, and
after viewing their profile, you can decide if you want to allow them
on the guest list. You don’t want any grenades at your party! So
turn them away before they even get to the door!

College Party University is currently
under construction, but is offering tons of party advice, tips, and
other funny information. Check out our blog for some great articles and updates on when the party site will be
officially launching.