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Article by tkaspo
February 8, 2012

Rebecca Black: Dethroned, Debunked, and Liberated by Missouri’s New Rap Crew

The duchess of “getting down on Friday,” who has dictated various Facebook statuses, memes, and poorly crafted mixtapes finally chose which seat she wants to take and drove off in her illegally manned convertible to make way for a new crew of heavily autotuned performers; while this new singing troupe appears old enough to own... MORE »

Article by amcguire
February 7, 2012

What Your Youtube Viewing History Says About You

There are millions of videos on YouTube, with content ranging from laser cats to fail blogs. As college students we have come to love YouTube for allowing us to express ourselves, and also for giving us the opportunity to watch away the precious hours of our lives watching fat kids falling off of things, shitty cover bands, and undiscovered... MORE »

Article by Ian Arnold
January 20, 2012

Top 5 YouTube Porn Parody Videos

It may not be the most epic list of XXX parodies, but per YouTube’s standards, these are the best of the best. You’ll see classic cartoon characters, a superhero and a pudding-pop loving icon re-made into the dirty alter ego you always wanted to see. We here at Mizzou don’t condone viewing of pornographic material... MORE »

Article by smalls
February 2, 2011

Music for…well, nothing, but its GOOD

Hello again my faithful readers! I am sorry for ditching all of you for the past month. I found myself in a haze of video games, lunchables, and crystal meth addiction for all of January (just kidding, it was only minor alcoholism). But I am back in action (with the minor alchololism, don’t worry) for... MORE »