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Picture by ChillBro
October 14, 2010
Article by Piliour
August 24, 2010

College Poll: Syracuse University Ranked #1

It’s that time of year where all the big magazines rank the nation’s top universities. This year, surprisingly, Syracuse University took the top spot! Over 100% of voters indicated that SU was, is, and always shall be regarded by all as the greatest university of all-time. The school was also voted “Most Orange,” and “The... MORE »

Article by Anonymous
August 24, 2010

Syracuse Ranks #8 In College Ranking. WTF

Apparently, Washington Monthly has put out a College Rankings Guide, and who woulda thunk it, Syracuse University ranks #8 over Harvard (yes, I said HARVARD) at #9! Okay, time to brag to all those Ivy League bastards. Both our sports teams, and now academics are better! However after reading a few sentences (the only few... MORE »