Last night the Gator women’s basketball season came to an end after a very solid season. They lost to the Baylor Bears, the number one overall seed and home to the best player in the nation, Britteny Griner.

The 6’ 13” beast in the middle was too much for the gators to handle. She finished the game with 25 points, 9 rebounds, 6 blocks, and 3 broken back boards. Florida head coach Amanda Butler was pleased with the effort put forward by the Lady Gators even though they lost. “Not as many of our girls bricked wide open lay ups as usual so that was a positive,” Butler said.

She also added she was impressed with the girls’ ability to catch the ball without getting hurt throughout the game. Even though the Lady Gators caught the ball well and made many lay ups, it was not enough to over-come the play of Griner.

Twenty-two NBA scouts were in attendance to watch Griner, almost doubling the average attendance of a women’s basketball game. When one scout was asked if they were worried about Griner’s lack of a Y chromosome the scout responded, “No I am not. First of all I couldn’t tell and second of all basketball is basketball no matter how unexciting the play is around her. Griner can ball and that’s a fact.”

Griner was involved earlier in the season in trade rumors regarding Dwight Howard. GM of the Magic Otis Smith was quoted as saying “We wanted to get something of value for Dwight and Brittany could have filled that void in the middle very well. Baylor could offer way more value than New Jersey ever could with their current roster. Plus I’m totally incompetent.” Michael Jordan the owner of the Charlotte Bobcats has shown the most interest in Griner. When asked for his rationale for the potential drafting of Griner, Jordan explained with his usual humble tone, “Just look at my track record, I have to be right eventually. It’s a numbers game. Right?”