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Article by dang
December 18, 2011

Cornell Economists Determine Jesus Christ’s Patronage of Tim Tebow to be “Inefficient” and “Not conducive to solving legitimate world problems.”

Ithaca NY””Economists working in Cornell’s Policy Analysis Lab have recently discovered several flaws in Jesus Christ’s social policies. The economists, studying everything from theological infrastructures to econometrics, published a journal article last Monday noting discrepancies between Jesus Christ’s “plans for all creatures on earth” and football.  The team learned that Jesus invested too much of... MORE »

Article by Ian Arnold
December 14, 2011

Stuff Your Sins In a Cup

Feeling guilty about defacing campus property during your night of binge drinking? Concerned someone may find out about the fire alarm you pulled at 4 AM following another round of Keystone Light and Captain Morgan? Or are you paranoid your RA can smell the pot seeping from your room? Stuff your sins in a cup!... MORE »

Article by Chris Varney
November 16, 2011

“Take an Add Sheet, dammit.”

“Add sheet? Add sheet! Just a guy handing out Add sheets. Who likes a bargain? I know I do. Add sheet! They’re free! Coupons for over a hundred of you’re favorite stores in the greater Columbia area!” “Add sheet? No? Add sheet! No? Here, take an add sheet!….Do what? To myself? That’s not even possible... MORE »

Picture by Anonymous
October 6, 2010

Racist Guy Is Back

A read this article. Racist Man Chases Own Shadow Out Of Town MORE »