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Article by Alex Rosenthal
January 14, 2012

Ohio State President Makes Racist Joke in Front of Thousands, Blames Autocorrect

Ohio State University president Gordon Gee made a highly offensive comment in front of a large audience in Columbus last Wednesday. During a speech in which he told his audience about the problems he faced trying to coordinate the school’s 18 different divisions, he compared the confusion and lack of organization to that of Polish... MORE »

Article by Piliour
April 17, 2011

Racist Man Chases Own Shadow Out of Town

On Tuesday, Billy Ray Guthrie, the prejudiced man who always stands on Waverly Avenue with anti-homosexual signs, went one step further in his acts of ignorance: he attempted to chase his own shadow out of town. “It clearly says in the Bible that God hates dark people,” says Guthrie. “I don’t really remember where, but... MORE »

Picture by Anonymous
October 6, 2010

Racist Guy Is Back

A read this article. Racist Man Chases Own Shadow Out Of Town MORE »

Picture by Syracuse Staff
April 1, 2010

Great work SU!

Looks like anyone that comes preaching is going to get totally owned from now on. . .awesome!! MORE »