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Article by Piliour
January 12, 2012

Maryland President Bathing in Money, Students Not Bathing

It was reported this week that University of Maryland President Wallace Loh has given the green light to construction on a $7.2-million mansion. According to Loh, the house is of great interest to students, alumni and faculty, alike. “I remember my days in college,” said Loh, “brunching with the dean of admissions on Tuesdays, polo... MORE »

Article by Michael Sullivan
February 2, 2011

Your roommate is casually better than you

Good morning, sleepyhead. Did it feel nice waking up at 2 p.m. because you don’t have any Wednesday classes? It sure must’ve been. But don’t ask your roommate, because he was up at 5 to squeeze in his daily cardio regimen before his 8 a.m. Multivariable Calculus class. He has no idea what it’s like... MORE »