Some may call it a step in the right direction, most would not, but for Junior UB student and Toronto native Justin Diamond the market just got a little bigger.  Maybe a lot bigger.

Diamond, born and raised in Toronto was never attracted to women who weighed more than him for as long as he could remember.  “If I couldn’t girl couldn’t literally ride on my bear back throughout the house, I wasn’t interested.” Diamond, also an avid horse enthusiast explains how even in high school, the peak of all sexual fantasies involved role play, often times himself playing the role of some of his favorite equine characters throughout history.  Some of his favorites include Seabiscut, Secretariat, and of coarse, Mr. Ed.  This obviously made women who sat comfortably below his 155 LB frame naturally more desirable, able to rest within the boundaries of his custom-made leather English saddle.

When asked what sparked the sudden change of heart, Justin simply glanced over and smiled.  “I like horses” he said, “but I Love B.J.’s…and a plump girl definitely knows more than a skinny one like, 9 times out of ten.  Its the most wonderful thing I’ve discovered since the Kentucky Derby.” 

Easy to see where your priorities are Justin, and for that I salute you.

Count it…. BJ’s – 1 Horses – 0.  At least you know, FATCHX, you’re OK in Justin’s books from now on. As long as you remember your knee pads.