After carefully analyzing both my Facebook Friend’s List as well as numerous others, I think I have figured out exactly how Facebook chooses who to show on your Friend’s List.

Just to get you up to speed, incase you haven’t noticed, the people who show up on your Facebook Friend’s List are no longer random. They aren’t alphabetical either anymore. It’s the same people every time you refresh your page.
At first I thought there was some type of order, but I quickly realized that the page refreshes change the position of every single combination of the 10 people.
Here is what I’ve deduced after much stalking!

4 of these “friends” stalk you

3 of these “friends” stalk you, and you stalk them right back! (mutual stalk-age)

2 of these “friends” you stalk on a regular basis

1 of these “friends” you recently talked to.

So, I’m guessing you’re skeptical. Go to your Facebook and look at these 10 friends. See if these categorical breakdowns work for you. Let me know!