What’s up basement people? We’re calling you to action one more time for our good friends at AXE. Here’s the premise for the very last part of the “Clean Your Balls” campaign: We challenge you to act out a prank with your friends (NOT BUSINESSES), using scripts akin to those in AXE’s prank call videos on YouTube.

We’ll provide you with the software necessary to record your phone call and then upload it to our blog. Since some states have laws against recording phone calls without consent, the person on the other line has to be in on the joke! Feel free to rehearse first or just wing it. We expect a few well-executed pranks, and a number of busts which could be funny in their own awkward way.

So here’s how it works:

1. A prank phone call script will be published on Campus Basement. Users (that’s you!) will use the script as a basis for their prank calls. Later in the week, a second script will be released to give fans another opportunity to prank their friends.

2. Then you will record your prank call directly on The Campus Socialite via an integrated platform called Lexy that is often used for podcast recording. This will involve fans putting their “prankee” on speaker phone and holding the mobile device close to your computer’s microphone so both sides of the conversation are recorded. You can sign up for Lexy at https://lexy.com/signup. If you have any questions, email lexycasters@lexy.com.

3. After the call is recorded, follow @AXE on Twitter, and tweet a link to your prank call as an official “entry” using the hastag #AXEPRANK.

4. Similar to prior rounds of the contest, AXE Detailers will be given out to certain participants each day, and a Grand Prize worth up to $200 will be rewarded to the funniest prank call at the end of the contest (Friday, January 28th).

So let’s make sure we’re clear on this: The party on the other end of the phone has to know what’s going on. Just get your acting shoes on and make sure it sounds as true to life as humanly possible.

And one more rule: Please don’t mention brands, celebrities or trademarked names OTHER than AXE. We’re trying to stay as legal as we possibly can here you understand.

So without further ado, here is a sample prank and an axe video for some inspiration. At the very end of it all is your script, so get to pranking!


P: (Hey whats going on?) 

A: (Nothin) 

P: Got a quick car question for ya 
A: (K) 
P: I’m helping my uncle fix up his car, and we’re just cleanin it right now because it hasn’t had a good scrub-down in a while. But, there’s all this dirt and grime caught in the undercarriage, and it’s not budging. Thought you may be able to give me some info, can you? 
A: (Yea) 
P: Awesome, so do you just get in there or do you need to do some prepwork first? 
A: (Answer)

P: Ah, and you think it’s a one-person job or should I get some help?
A: (Answer) 

P: Got it. So once I’m under there, I’m scrubbing away pretty hard, do I need to wear protection in case stuff lands in my face, or my eyes? Only got one pair of eyes, ya know!
A: (Nah, you’ll be fine)

P: And are there any more fragile parts I need to be more gentle with? I wouldn’t wanna break off anything, that would really hurt the performance! Wouldn’t be able to get it up. and running at all!
A: (Answer)

P: Ok, well, I think I’m ready to get down to business on this undercarriage. Thanks for all your help.
A: (No Prob)