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Article by G-Nonymous
November 28, 2011

Year 2031: All Former Long Island SAT Cheaters Now Wall Street Executives

In what is now being described as one of the greatest success stories of the century, five ex-convicts from Long Island, previously incarcerated for defrauding the Educational Testing Service, have all become executives of multi-billion dollar firms on Wall Street.   “After getting arrested for taking the SATs for 30 other students when I was... MORE »

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November 18, 2011

Catholic Priests Fight To Reclaim Stereotype From NCAA Coaches

Following two alleged sex abuse scandals from Penn State football coach Jerry Sandusky and Syracuse basketball assistant coach Bernie Fine, Catholic priests around the world are fighting to reclaim their title as the stereotypical career choice for people who engage in inappropriate relations with young boys.   “Out of all people, who would have thought... MORE »