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Article by Nick Ciccone
February 14, 2012

Student Trapped in Elevator: “Kim Kardashian’s Tweets Saved My Life”

It’s been quite a week here at Hofstra: the weather’s been beautiful, professors have been absent, and I can’t think of a third clause. But for some, there have been better weeks. Fred No-go, a fictitious yet lovable Hofstra freshman, was stuck in the library elevator for 5 hours on Sunday night. Here’s what he... MORE »

Article by rkrieg
November 30, 2011

The Art of the Fracket

Fracket: Noun. A portmanteau of “frat” and “jacket.” An exterior layer of warmth worn to social gatherings or festivities held at fraternity houses. Immediately shed at the door or behind a couch. Preferably a $7 coat from Wal-Mart or an old throwback from long lost middle school days of Abercrombie. Probable defects: broken zipper, missing buttons, lack of actual... MORE »