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Article by J.D.Basement
December 27, 2011

The Calm Before the Storm: As Grade Postings are Due to Arrive in the Next Couple Days, Ramapo Braces Itself For Worst Facebook Bragging in Years

Mahwah, NJ- Sure, it seems harmless enough right now. Innocent status updates about Christmas gifts and post-holiday activities. While the world of Facebook currently remains calm, thousands of Ramapo students are preparing for one of the worst Facebook Brag storms this school has ever seen. With the release of final grades scheduled to post in... MORE »

Article by Leah Folta
November 2, 2011

Singer’s unimpressive WRIT340 grade dooms her music career

“Some misguided souls believe college letter grades to be “unimportant,'” snorts Dr. Rawls, SC’s Chair of Academic Superfluition. “Nastier rumors include the sentiments that Writings 140 and 340 “aren’t worth the time’ and “aren’t necessary for certain professions.'” He shakes his head. “Kids. These. Days.”   Which is why the good Doctor doesn’t feel bad... MORE »

Article by Joshua Scarcella
December 23, 2010

TV Titan Turned Professor Gives Bad Grades for Informative Class

SANTA MONICA, CA – When Christian Boliviar was getting ready for the Syracuse University in Hollywood semester, he was excited for a lot of things. But one thing stood out above all the rest: “Frank Goldman was teaching us, how couldn’t you be excited? He’s a big shot. Yeah, practically no one our age has... MORE »