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Article by Kahrispy
December 26, 2011

Pubic Safety Department

Perhaps taking to heart my comments concering the competence and overall affectiveness of the public “safety” department, the Hofstra boner strokers and ass shakers (let’s be honest, the economy is tough) have decided to do something practical and useful for the entirety of the student body. In between handing over cash to Bernie Madoff and... MORE »

Article by Kevin Slack
October 22, 2010

Scientists Discover Pong Water Cup cures AIDS, Cancer, other diseases

It’s an age-old custom in a game of beer pong: After the other team takes their shot, you drop the ball into a water cup, obviously thereby eliminating the bacteria potentially collected on the table or in the beer cups, or from that disgusting basement floor if your opponents are really bad. Everyone in college... MORE »