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Article by Cailin Lowry
October 24, 2012

USC Wildlife: Animal Edition

So you decided to study at USC. I’m thinking that you weren’t seduced to South Central for its vast array of lush flora or rare animals. If you were looking for wildlife beyond the Row on a jungle themed party night (or I guess club hopping in Hollywood), then you probably think four years in... MORE »

Picture by apost
January 30, 2012

We Don’t Eat Meat….Or Products of Anything With Feelings

Ah yes, another “you know you go to Cornell when” photo. This is more than that though. This is a warning sign. If you see this car be cautious, the people on board are angry because they are most likely hungry. Additionally they are probably mad at you because you support hydrofracking even though you... MORE »

Video by
December 12, 2011

CitrusTV Visits The Syracuse Zoo | CitrusTV

In the first edition of “Beyond the Hill,” CitrusTV traveled to the Rosamond Gifford Zoo. You’ll be surprised at what we found as the zoo prepares for its centennial in 2014. For more CitrusTV programming, visit us online at https://www.CitrusTV.net! MORE »

Article by Alex R
October 8, 2011

Syracuse Wildlife

If you ask 100 people what their favorite thing about SU is, you wouldn’t get a hundred different answers, but you will probably get answers ranging from the basketball team, to the Greek life, to the weather (sarcasm). But for me, my favorite thing about our school is our diverse animal wildlife.             With an... MORE »

Article by Paul J
April 7, 2011

Area Squirrel Whisperer Pretty Damn Tired Of Being Asked For Nuts, Snacks All The Time

When student Alex Jarvis first noticed her special ability to communicate with the squirrels at USC, she thought that by using their vast network of knowledge of goings on about campus, she would be able to help those in need. Instead, the little bastards constantly ask her for food or whatever she has in her... MORE »