Four days after Easter, Dave Pincher, a professor here at Ohio State, discovered
that one of the Easter eggs he planted in his backyard had never been found,
meaning that out of all 13 young children participating in the hunt, none were
smart enough to find the egg hidden in the flower beds on the north side of the

Apparently many
Easter eggs get left behind, and some are found by dogs or taken by wild
animals. This tale is unfortunately far too common, and results largely
in frustration and anger by both parents and children alike. 

Debbie Pincher, Dave’s daughter, was in hysterics when she found out one egg
had been left behind. 

got more than me, this isn’t fair.” She said in tears,  “Daddy,
I should have found that egg. I hate hunting, I’m no good at it,” she
continued, sobbing into her fathers lap. 

is not telling any of the other partygoers and children that one egg wasn’t
found because he doesn’t want to pour salt in any open wounds. However this
article will ruin that plan. 

After finding the egg that was left behind, Pincher utilized students from his Forensic Anthropology class to try and figure out the reasons for it getting left behind and anything that maybe had crawled and/or come near it during the three days it was left outside. So far the students have come up with nothing, except that the dye has run a bit from the rain. 

next year Pincher says he will hide the eggs in more obvious places, like just
scattered in a small, condensed circle on top of the grass.