In Columbus, OH, the month of
April has so far proven to hold up to the stereotype of April being a rainy
month in the calendar year.

Almost everyday in this month of
April there has been at least a sprinkle or two of showers, and it’s leaving
residents really bummed.

“I just bought new sunglasses, and
I’ve only gotten to wear them one day so far. By the time the sun comes out I’m
afraid they will be out of style” Said Senior Catherine Harris.

Rain boots at stores near campus
are selling out fast, and one store doesn’t know how to handle the demand.

Michelle Jones, Of Boots “N Things
said she knew by the third day of April this would be an abnormally busy season
for her.

“I’ve had to come in an hour early
each morning just to restock the rainboots. Boys, girls, grandmas, you name it-
they are coming in to buy rain boots. It’s good for business, but almost too
good, you know?” Jones Said.

The rain has also made Ohio States Campus look ugly, and apparently, the people as well. A poll that was taken showed that 98% of surveyed residents say people look way worse with frizzy hair. The other 2% of people happened to be blind. 

 With all this rain, Columbus
natives have high expectations for the flowers that will hopefully show in May.

” I come home with my socks
drenched every afternoon, so there better be some pretty damn nice Tulips to
show for it.” Said a less than pleased Matt Polanti, a Junior  at Ohio State that has a 14 minute walk
from his off campus apartment to his classroom.

For now, the forecast doesn’t look good, and there are absolutely no signs of any sun shining in this city for several days to come. Students and residents alike can only hope that their basements don’t get flooded.