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Tyler Marchewski

September 10, 2011

We Were Beating Bama…

we lost but we looked good doing it MORE »

July 2, 2011

State Patty’s Day Numbers Are In

The State Patty’s Day numbers are finally in from February. After hospital costs, business damages, and arrests, students cost the borough of State College $34,141. Despite these losses the Borough’s net gain was $15,144 from parking garages and parking tickets. The number of criminal arrests was up 46% from last year at 234 arrests, from... MORE »

April 21, 2011

Penn State Boombox Guy

Ray Finkle aka the Penn State Boombox Guy MORE »

April 12, 2011

Holi Massacre at the HUB

There was a sea of color on the HUB lawn for the celebration of the Hindi festival of Holi on Saturday. Students spent the afternoon dousing each other with colored water and powders to observe the celebration of the Colors of Unity and Brotherhood. Everyone was having a great time dousing each other in every... MORE »

April 6, 2011

Penn State Student Vows to Tattoo Youtube URL to His Chest if He Gets

That’s right, if the youtube channel karrydifter gets over 500 subscribers he has to tattoo his youtube url to his chest MORE »

March 17, 2011

Rebecca Black to Headline at Movin’ On

The committee that books the artists to play at Movin’ On made a last minute decision yesterday when they decided to replace O.A.R. with the new Youtube star Rebecca Black. Her new hit single “Friday” dropped on Youtube last week, has almost has 11 million views and has hit the iTunes Top 100. Her monotonous... MORE »

March 5, 2011

Indecent Exposure Case Solved

The mysterious man who has been flashing students for the last 18 months has finally been caught by State College Police. The man responsible for these incidents is the “Wild Thing” himself Charlie Sheen. Investigators believed that these cases would eventually lead to sexual assault, but in fact only ended in drug abuse and partying.... MORE »

March 3, 2011

Students Realize They Can Afford Tuition

For the second time in the last two weeks, students have been marching and rallying around campus for lower tuition for students. A whopping 60 people attended the march that was held yesterday, a full 20 people less than they had at last week’s march. This has many students coming to the realization that they... MORE »

March 3, 2011

Greg Falatek’s Debut Music Video – Get By

Fellow 610 native and Penn State Sophomore Greg Falatek with his debut music video for ‘Get By’ off his Mixtape “Higher Education” MORE »