The State Patty’s Day numbers are finally in from February. After hospital costs, business damages, and arrests, students cost the borough of State College $34,141. Despite these losses the Borough’s net gain was $15,144 from parking garages and parking tickets.

The number of criminal arrests was up 46% from last year at 234 arrests, from last year’s 160. A whopping 200 people were treated at the Nittany Medical Center, 103 of which were for alcohol related problems. Of those treated for alcohol related issues, 69 were not even Penn State students.

On top of the $34,141 in damages downtown, there was an additional $20,200 in damages reported by private apartment buildings. Needless to say another successful State Patty’s Day in the books. Next year’s numbers aren’t predicted to be as bad as this year’s. Penn State students this year seemed to be frustrated by the visitors this year. But let’s get real, it’s probably not going to happen. I personally squeezed 17 people unsatisfied visitors into my dorm room this year. If you don’t like Penn State then don’t come. I’m sure Temple and IUP are so much more fun…