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Article by Piliour
September 30, 2011

An Apology

I messed up. I apologize. Since 1870, Syracuse University has been offering the finest academics, athletics, and extracurriculars money can buy. Well, ok, maybe not the finest academics, athletics and extracurriculars. But certainly some fine academics, athletics and extracurriculars. They’re definitely not un-fine. We’ll call them fine.  The point is that it has come to... MORE »

Article by Alex Rosenthal
September 20, 2011

Meet @Qwikster, The New Face of Netflix

Following a recent price hike that nearly doubled his company’s monthly movie rental costs, Netflix CEO Reed Hastings wondered how else he could piss off his loyal customer fanbase. “I thought to myself, hmm, now that I’ve made my service more expensive, how can I make it less convenient as well?” Hastings wondered. What followed... MORE »