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Article by Roy Parker
November 18, 2011

Why I Secretly Want to Be a Hipster (and Probably Why You Do Too”¦)

It’s hard to walk outside these days and not pass by someone with a pair of fake horn-rimmed glasses on and set of giant-ass headphones to match. You find these folks hanging out in between buildings, smoking self-rolled cigarettes, wearing their skinny jeans and beanies, and talking about the importance of Stanley Kubrick films in... MORE »

Article by Becca Grumet
November 8, 2011

VHS Is Back! Sort of.

Watch out McRib, because another blast from the past is making its way back into our hearts. It’s time to whip out your 90’s Disney video collection because VCR’s are making a huge comeback! That’s right. Huge clunky tapes and even huger clunky tape machines are back in. Maybe. This past Sunday at the Pasadena... MORE »

Article by Anonymous
September 3, 2011


The AP reported this evening that Syracuse University has confirmed cases of “Hipster-ism,” a serious disease threatening to ruin the reputations of the entire millennial generation, in a vast number of students across the campus. SU Chancellor Nancy Cantor released the following statement Friday evening in response to rumors that the epidemic had reached the home of the Orange.... MORE »