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Article by Ian Smith
October 12, 2010

Reason For Student’s Unexcused Absence Sounds A Lot Like The Plot For “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off”

After class was dismissed last Wednesday, John Clinton, a student of Professor Giovanni Luciano’s MAT 221 lecture, stayed to let Luciano know that he was not in class the past Monday because he was “gravely ill” and was in no way, shape or form “gallivanting with his friend Cameron in his 1961 cherry-red Ferrari GT... MORE »

Article by Alex Rosenthal
October 11, 2010

Automatic Medical Note Generator

Ever been in a situation where you couldn’t make it to class? Or you could, but just didn’t feel like it because your new Netflix movie just came in the mail or your idiot roommate Phil was convinced he could beat you in Halo and you just had to prove him wrong? Worried about the... MORE »