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Article by Klatch
October 10, 2011

English Teacher Walks Out On Class after a Bold Statement by a Student

The Williams Building on the East side of campus had an air of tension today after a literature teacher was seen storming out of the building screaming profanities left and right.  “I was just studying and all of a sudden some crazy bitch comes barreling down the hall and I’m like, what the hell man?!... MORE »

Article by Piliour
September 16, 2010

Math Professor Admits to Speaking English

Professor Gupta, long-time professor in the SU math department, came clean last week, stating, “I admit, my English is, in fact, impeccable. The façade, one which I have kept up for the last few years, was all an act, smoke and mirrors, if you will, used to confuse students.”   Students who previously enrolled in... MORE »