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Article by Nick Ciccone
December 6, 2011

What Your Professors Are REALLY Saying

Hofstra professors are very much like fortune cookies””they are as insightful as they are tasty. Relax, I’m kidding! They’re NOT insightful (they’re just tasty). In fact, every once in awhile you get a really stupid fortune cookie that likes giving a lot of homework. Don’t get me wrong: I’ve loved a staggering 35% of my... MORE »

Article by Nick Ciccone
November 30, 2011

Brown-Nosers on the Rise

Attention students of Hofstra University: A new species of brown-noser is currently lurking in our humble slice of Hempstead-paradise. Just last month, scientists at UCLA have noted a rapid and continuing increase in the presence of unique “suck-ups” on college campuses across the nation. To quote a reliable bystander, “They be climbin’ in yo classrooms... MORE »

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October 2, 2011

Video of Teacher stopping fight and laying down a verbal smackdown!

2 kids are about to fight but this awesome teacher steps in and puts them in their place! MORE »