Video by Piliour
February 14, 2012

Playground Love from The NewsHouse

Our friends Irina Dvalidze and Cheryl Mowczan at The Newshouse put together this awesome compilation between innocent preschoolers and corrupt college kids talking about what love means. The fact that the preschoolers are more pronounced than the college students speaks volumes about our generation. Regardless of how you feel about love, whether it exists only... MORE »

Video by Anonymous
February 12, 2012

Otto’s Army – The Best Student Section In The Nation

The Carrier Dome is the nation’s largest on-campus basketball venue and the student section, Otto’s Army, is its heart and soul. Syracuse students will camp outside in the frigid Syracuse winter for days on end outside of the Dome in an area known affectionately as “Boeheimburg”. When the game tips off, no other arena can... MORE »

Video by emcorbet
January 30, 2012

Shit Syracuse Students Say

A Syracusean parody of Shit People Say brought to you by the Campus Basement: Syracuse Staff (including writer and actress Nicole Grabert!) with assistance from Ashlie Daubert and Anne Marie Suchanek. Looks like The Newshouse has their own version of Shit Syracuse Girls Say. Watch it! It’s really funny. MORE »

Video by Anonymous
January 26, 2012

Syracuse student does 1 backflip every day for a year

Sam’s dad bet him $100 that he couldn’t do one backflip (backflip, gainer, wallflip, etc.) each day of 2011. Well, let’s just say that Sam’s dad is now $100 poorer and Sam is probably dizzy as shit. Watch this amazing video of Sam doing crazy backflips all over Cuse. Pretty damn impressive. He also shoots... MORE »

Video by Anonymous
January 22, 2012

Otto’s Army is at it again

Otto’s Army is at it again with their shenanigans MORE »

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December 26, 2011

Syracuse rappers on the stairs of Crouse College.

Three rappers killin it at Cuse. Pretty catchy song. Did I hear a Bernie Fine joke in there? The 2011 Syracuse Cypher with artists IamG, Jay Foss and INDO Download Here: IamG Jay Foss INDO Directed/Filmed/Edited by Taylor Maher MORE »

Video by Anonymous
December 19, 2011

Jokes With Jenna Race

Syracuse University’s sophomore Jenna Race who’s a member of Zamboni Revolution improv comedy group shares a few of her favorite knock-knock jokes with a friend. Produced by Pamela Masin for MORE »

Video by Anonymous
December 19, 2011

Scoop Jardine’s Family Ties

Syracuse University senior guard Scoop Jardine relies on his family for support , encouragement and keeping his connection with his hometown of Philadelphia. Produced by Ivory Hecker for MORE »

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December 12, 2011

CitrusTV Visits The Syracuse Zoo | CitrusTV

In the first edition of “Beyond the Hill,” CitrusTV traveled to the Rosamond Gifford Zoo. You’ll be surprised at what we found as the zoo prepares for its centennial in 2014. For more CitrusTV programming, visit us online at! MORE »