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May 5, 2011

Songs for Slope Day

So, in celebration of me finishing my classes (read: me skipping my last classes today because it’s kind of nice out and I really don’t care about them), I thought I’d do something productive with my day besides playing video games/day-drinking (actually I’m already doing that) by putting up some songs for you to start... MORE »

April 30, 2011

Slack Line Kid Is Incredible

Thanks to the recent surge of nice weather here in Ithaca, there has been a surge of “sports” that have been taking place across our hallowed slopes. Frisbees, footballs, and even kites have been seen flying through the air due to the April weather, but the most interesting sport that has been displayed is this... MORE »

April 27, 2011

House Elves Ruin Law School Students’ Studies

In a bizarre recent study, it has been determined that house elves do actually exist, and that they fuck with law school students who are trying to pass the Bar. The Bar is not only a notoriously hard exam to pass, but now it is addedly stressful thanks to house elves. A Cornell student named... MORE »

April 25, 2011

The Return of Music Monday

So almost 6 months ago exactly I had this great idea of posting music every Monday. It worked really well that first Monday (so not really at all), but then I got sidetracked by, well, drinking 4 days a week and somewhat succeeding in school. So forgive me for being absent (read:  honestly i’ve been... MORE »

April 19, 2011

Senior Shows Up Drunk to Prelim, Gets A+

As the semester begins to wind down, one thing is clear to everyone in Cornell: Seniors no longer give two shits about anything. Well, thats not true – Senior Girls are hell-bent on getting dick before they leave for the real world and realize that they are actually still in the 4-7 range compared to... MORE »

March 28, 2011

Bumpin Beats

So I haven’t posted any music in about a month and a half…sorry about that. Well not really, because I just spent more time beating it/drinking/reading egotastic, but because of popular demand (read: nobody asked me to do shit, I’m just bored), I thought I would throw up some more tracks. First off is a... MORE »

February 23, 2011

Black and Yellow Acoustic Cover

On account of jwoww’s lackluster video posts lately (seriously, you should leave the music to me), I thought I’d throw up this sick cover to Wiz Khalifa’ MORE »

February 19, 2011

CollegeACB Causes Campus-wide Brawl

After over a month of anonymous debates over what sorority really has the best pledge class/is the coolest/is most liked/has the most sluts, sororities still have yet to reach a consensus, so they resorted to the only true test to end this quest for the truth – a campus wide throw-down. Early reports point towards... MORE »

February 9, 2011

How Cornell Bros Get Down

Just two frat bros killing it to Nelly’s Just A Dream. They put Chris Breezy to shame. MORE »