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Dan Kropa

October 12, 2012

Poodles: The Dark Truth Revealed

The name poodle is synonymous with flamboyant dog show excess to most. It conjures images of uber-groomed monstrosities, sporting bouffant and leg-warmer hybrids best left to rot in the 1980s. Poodles are a perfect breed for the persnickety. They come in three size categories and the owners can sculpt their shape as they desire. Poodles... MORE »

September 13, 2012

The Recipe For a Healthy Family

I have the astounding honor to be writing on such a memorable day. That’s right, ladies and gents! On this day, September 13th, back in 2011, it was declared Kids Take Over the Kitchen Day.  To be present at such a time is crucial to our economy because for one day a year, parents don’t... MORE »

September 6, 2012


With the start of a new semester, there are many questions that pop into students’ minds. Will my classes suck? Are there hot freshmen? Should I go out this Thursday? Well, these questions are easily answered. They’re all yes. But the real issue at hand, the one question we are all waiting for an answer,... MORE »