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Alex R

November 21, 2011

A Little Dilemma

           Thanksgiving Break is finally upon us, it is a time for Syracuse students to go home for a week and recover. We all appreciate the opportunity to eat something other than ramen noodles, do laundry for the second time this semester, visit our middle school ex’s, and if we have... MORE »

November 4, 2011

The Greatest Man in Syracuse

            The term “big man on campus” is thrown around a lot. But nobody exemplifies this persona more than one man. Wheather you know his name or not he has been in your dorm room more than any girl has. He has been in your neighbor’s home, your girlfriends’, your T.A’s,... MORE »

October 29, 2011

Syracuse Spotlight

Last week I wrote an article about my personal favorite student organization on campus, the Detective Club.  But that was before I heard of HIP>$=SU otherwise known as Syracuse University’s largest hipster organization. You’ve probably never heard of HIP>$=SU because according to one member who denied being a part of any organization “its like really,... MORE »

October 22, 2011

Law and Order Syracuse Style

            For seventy-five years the Syracuse Detective Club has solved mysteries throughout the campus. From the famous case of the missing spermicidal to that red blot on a chair in HBC. They have been waiting on hand and foot for any crimes that may occur on campus. Although their existence has... MORE »

October 9, 2011

Week in Review

Real World Casting: The hit MTV show “The Real World” came to Syracuse to look for future cast members. Unfortunately nobody that auditioned was New Jersey enough for the show. SU Football: We lost to Rutgers at home and play at Tulane. Where is Tulane anyway? Flu Shots: Health Services is giving out flu shots... MORE »

October 8, 2011

Syracuse Wildlife

If you ask 100 people what their favorite thing about SU is, you wouldn’t get a hundred different answers, but you will probably get answers ranging from the basketball team, to the Greek life, to the weather (sarcasm). But for me, my favorite thing about our school is our diverse animal wildlife.             With an... MORE »