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Article by Shermysherm11
December 17, 2011

Mizzou Presents: Top 7 Worst Songs of 2011!!

   The music industry is a vast uncharted place, filled with complete and utter genius and a large amount of shit. We as a generation control the music that surrounds us, and we have failed to inspire songs that actually have meaning or worthy lyrics in the past decade. The year of 2011 has truly... MORE »

Article by Ian Arnold
November 14, 2011

Best Bushes To Piss On After Drinking

   Pissing in public whilst moderately intoxicated is nothing new. The body has a high level of urgency when removing potentially excessive amounts of alcohol. Combined with the fear of public scrutiny should one’s bladder evacuate prematurely in a public forum. Results include, but are not limited to, urinating on the sides of buildings and... MORE »