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Article by Piliour
October 5, 2011

Study: College Men Are Lazier Than Etc.

First off, apologies. I was apparently too lazy to finish the title because I’m a man. At least that’s the case according to a study released by the President of the College of St. Benedict (motto: “Sticking out isn’t always a good thing.”)  Surprise, surprise, this is an all-female school. Which begs the question: how... MORE »

Article by dang
January 11, 2011

Cornell Psychology Study Concludes: “Being Home Is Boring”

After winning a government grant worth 250,000 dollars, Professor James Maas and his psychology students embarked on an exciting study, attempting to gauge the level of boredom found amongst college students during break.  Maas and his students attached tracking devices to home-bound students that tracked their activity; their results were astounding.  Maas told the daily... MORE »