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Article by Chris Varney
December 7, 2011

New Boeing 787 Dreamliner ‘Unsinkable’

Executives from Boeing visited Mizzou last month to speak to engineering students and anyone else interested about the Boeing Company and the future of aerospace technology. One part of the future will be the newest Boeing commercial airplane, the 787 Dreamliner, which is set to fly commercially in the coming weeks. “This bird-less sky-carriage shall... MORE »

Article by fremama
November 30, 2011

Letters to My College Self: Let’s Study Abroad, ya broad!

Dearest CollegeMags, Usually I write these letters in order to better your/our college experience. Well, not tonight. Tonight it’s all about bettering FutureMags’ life. There’s this little thing grown ups are forced into on a daily basis and it’s awful, much like pretending you think that picture of your friend’s baby is cute and marriage.... MORE »