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Article by Piliour
April 6, 2012

Around the Web

Check out the latest stuff from Around the Web! TUN.com Having a party in your dorm room?! At Stella’s Pizza, located near Temple University, it’s $14.95 for 2XL pizzas, $12.75 for 2 LARG pizzas, and $9.65 for 2 SML pizzas. Wanna make it into a block party?! Get 3 any size pizzas, get the fourth... MORE »

Article by Leah Folta
January 27, 2012

Thoughts on Thursday’s Game (By Someone Who Doesn’t Get Sports)

If this is a basketball, I’m not messing this up yet. We got there 45 minutes early to be one of the first 1000, to get a free bag. Bags weren’t for students. Whatever this “Trojan Fever” is, it must be the reason everyone’s at home. But tickets are free! And shirts are five bucks! With sunglasses! Hell yes!... MORE »

Picture by G-Nonymous
November 12, 2011

Watch Women’s Hockey, Get Rewarded!

So we need to bribe our fans to come to games now? MORE »

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January 30, 2011

Drunk Girl Fights at Nicks Tomato Pie Downtown!

Fight breaks out at Nick’s Tomato Pie in Syracuse, New York. 1am, 1/29/11. Note: it is the girl who reaches over glass and starts flipping pizzas. The pizza guy then slaps the pizza pan down. MORE »

Video by Dennis Coles
December 8, 2010

LSU Girl Freaks out at Papa Johns

“She told them the cheese goes on first, they said, no the meat goes on first. I could tell it was only going to escalate from there, so I pulled out my camera” Let’s make this viral, folks. MORE »