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Article by Leah Folta
February 10, 2012

A Bartender’s Guide to College Parties

Just because you’re working exclusively with lowest-shelf alcohol and off-brand sodas, your fellow bartenders are quickly getting drunk, and you’re behind the dining table your roommates dragged outside doesn’t mean you’re anything less than a mixologist. You’re a crafter of dreams, a nurser of egos. You feed good times to the sober and liquid courage... MORE »

Article by Leah Folta
February 7, 2011

What Your Drink At A Frat Party Says About You

It’s Thursday. Bass pounds, the air reeks of cheap booze and that one chick’s perfume (seriously, take it easy next time), the pledges are wide-eyed and the spring semester shines on a whole new round of Row debauchery. Objectively, it’s fairly easy to see that these loud, crowded, dimly-lit parties are designed to cater to... MORE »

Article by Piliour
October 4, 2010

Coke-Drinking Student Expelled

Syracuse University. No place for hate. Except when it comes to soft drinks. Last week, Megan Thurston was minding her own business, chilling on Marshall Street. Thirsty, she decided to stop at CVS to pick up a beverage. A Coca-Cola. She then trekked up the hill to the quad, sipping the refreshment eagerly, enjoying it.... MORE »