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Article by Eric Pratt
January 18, 2012

Super Mascot USC Bros.: Melee!

Has anyone else ever noticed that we have at least three mascots and wondered why they don’t duke it out for supremacy?  One of the characteristics of the ideal Trojan is “Ambitious,” after all.  Since they haven’t yet, I’ve decided to give them a helping hand and hold the first Trojan Mascot-Off!  May the best... MORE »

Article by SupermanThatPo
December 28, 2011

American Students Repeat History: British Exchange Students Defeated at local Bar Brawl

Suffern, NY. If you’re a student at Ramapo College, you know that New Rock, a local bar in Suffern, New York, is the (only) place to be on Tuesday and Thursday nights. Shuttle service, cheap drinks, and a dance floor entice hundreds of Ramapo students to attend the venue. The local fare is almost exclusively... MORE »

Video by
December 8, 2011

Dean College Students Expelled After Fight Over Nike Shoes

Completely fucked up fight over some nike shoes. Really? I guess you can expect no less from a school nobody has ever heard of. Fight starts at 0:40 MORE »

Video by Dennis Coles
December 7, 2011

Drunk Kangaroo gets tossed at SU – Florida game

“I got it on film though so at least there’s that.” Stay classy, San Dieg… MORE »