Photo by Torben Bjørn Hansen on Flickr

Before you continue to read this article, chief, blaze, rip, burn, hit, puff, bake, torch, spark that grass, dope, ganja, herb, hash, skunk, chronic, boom, cheeba from your joint, blunt, bubbler, bowl, roach, stinger, bong, pipe, vaporizer. If you have already inhaled the luscious White Widow, dazzling Northern Lights, or intoxicating Purple Haze, then do it again. If you haven’t, get some. I don’t care if you spend that scholarship money from your 5th grade Science Fair or you earn some extra dough selling yourself for sex to the HIV positive hospitable homeless clinic down the street. Now that you have acquired the tangible dream stirring plant, there is only one thing left to do.


Puff, Puff, Pass.


Today’s date is April 20th, 2012. Now you might be asking yourself, why is today different than all other days. It’s not different in the sense that marijuana will be consumed, because that happens everyday. Even on a bad day, in the United States alone eleven million citizens will enter a conscious safari or mental expedition in which their daily routines will transform into an uncharted territory. But this isn’t anything new. Cannabis was discovered in 6000 B.C., and has spread across generations and reigns from ancient Chinese dynasties to the Roman Empire. Why has marijuana taken over the world? Because we let it. Fuckin’ we encourage it!

We the people. From teachers to students, police officers to registered sex offenders, from plumbers to Presidents. George Washington grew it, Ronald Reagan smoked it, and Barak Obama should legalize it. Today, on April 20th, 2012, we the people have a rare opportunity to alter the course of history. With over ten states that have already passed state-level laws decriminalizing non-medical marijuana, the illegality of marijuana is being challenged. In the past, cultural revolutions required time. Today, however, the Internet has made it possible to send a message to anyone, anywhere, anytime.

Life is an infinite, unforeseen number of events that amount to a single breath. In essence, no one can anticipate the future, so whose to argue a new generation, a 420 generation, could ignite. All that’s required is a spark.

As I’m writing, Ghandi’s quote, “be the change you want to see in the world,” continues to play on repeat in my head. So here I am brainstorming ideas on how I can be the spark…but then I got high.

Now, my train of thought is more along the lines of how fucking amazing my Hershey’s Cookies and Cream bar tastes, how fucking amazing Mac Miller’s “Thoughts From A Balcony” sounds, and how fucking amazing this fellatio feels from the chick underneath my desk. So, why is this day different than all other days?

A. Food tastes better.

B. Music sounds better.

C. Sex feels better.

D. All of the above.


Happy 420,


Seymour Cash