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USC Staff

December 2, 2011

Weekly Sex with the CB Staff: Spooning

Once A Week Has Never Been So Satisfying Weekly Sex –  Me and my girlfriend have been together for a couple months and like each other a ton, but something really stupid has been bothering me. I like spooning as much as the next guy, but I’m ALWAYS big spoon. I think I’d like being... MORE »

November 25, 2011

Weekly Sex with the CB Staff: Directions

Once a week has never been so satisfying. Dear Weekly Sex –    I’ve never been a super demanding person, so I have a really hard time telling my boyfriend what I… you know… Need him to do. In bed.    It’s not that it’s not a good time (it is!!), I just have a... MORE »

November 24, 2011

Bowling for Turkeys: Thanks from the USC Basement

Dear Readers, We here at Campus Basement are very grateful for quite a lot this Thanksgiving: friends, family, devoted readers, pets, good food, Facebook likes for our articles, etc. Well, wait a minute… using that et cetera’s not quite right, is it? It’s a rare person these days who goes deeply into everything he or... MORE »

November 18, 2011

Weekly Sex with the CB Staff: Numbers and Waits

Once A Week Never Sounded So Satisfying Weekly Sex,    I found out this girl I’m sort of seeing has slept with, like, a huge number of people. Like now-technically-measured-by-dozens huge. I feel really prudish by comparison. Can I ask if there’s a “normal” number for college guys/girls to have?   Not Like None But... MORE »