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Alex Schmidt

February 3, 2011

South Campus Sophomore Dates Their Way Into Watson Suite

Facing the worst housing luck of any SU student in recent memory, sophomore biology major Jessica Blanston upgraded her situation by dating her way into a Watson Hall suite. Blanston held the dead last spot in the spring housing lottery for the 2010-2011 academic year, and knew she was in dire straits. “They put me... MORE »

May 1, 2010

A Collegiate Dialogue

[The setting: the ground floor of Bird Library, Thursday night, 12:31AM.] ALEX SCHMIDT, GRADUATING SENIOR: (inner monologue) Despite being stuck in the library on this night because of my final exams, and despite feeling like it’s high time I graduated and went out into the world, perhaps I will deeply miss this place. For it... MORE »

March 9, 2010

Hey! It’s Me, Your Friend At A Warm-Weather School

      Hey buddy! It’s been a while, right? Haven’t talked since high school. What you up to at Syracuse? Chillin’?       Ha ha ha ha. I’m just playin’. Seriously, though, it must be dope up there in the snow. Wish you were here in [Florida/Texas/southern California] with me though, bro. We could do it up big-time. You... MORE »

February 24, 2010

Student-Led Expedition Discovers Ruins of Fabled “City of Syracuse”

Two Syracuse University students discovered a large complex of ruins yesterday which match descriptions of “Syracuse”, the thought-mythical Lost City of local legend. Louis Merton and Clark Winslow, two sophomore Anthropology majors living in Day Hall, were invited to a party at an apartment in the Castle Court area. En route, Merton and Winslow became... MORE »

February 18, 2010

Manhunt Continues For Mysterious Deviant Who Checked Out A Book At The Library

Today marks Day 5 of the Department of Public Safety’s ongoing search for the unidentified patron who checked out a book at E. S. Bird Library on Tuesday. According to the incident report, the patron chose a large, thick book from the shelves at approximately 3:30 PM. The patron then brought the book to the... MORE »

February 16, 2010

Daily Orange Inspires Newhouse Student To Become Crossword Puzzle Designer

Ryan Watkins was the only student in the food court working with a pad of graph paper and a Concise Oxford English Dictionary. He looked around him, shrugged, and kept writing individual letters on the paper. “Just the tools of the trade,” he said. Watkins, a sophomore Newspaper Journalism major, began making crosswords just a... MORE »