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Article by hmerkt
April 16, 2012 1 Comment

Matt Barkley Stays at SC Another Year To Fulfill Dreams of Being a DJ

As we’ve all learned from that scene in the Nickelodeon movie Clockstoppers, and the entirety of The Replacements with Keanu Reeves, winning a DJ competition requires supernatural feats of speed and dread locks while becoming an NFL quarterback simply requires minimal talent, a complicated emerging love interest, and a lovable band of misfits. According to... MORE »

Article by Anonymous
September 2, 2010

Are You A DJ?

If you can spin some fresh beats, head over to CuseParty.com and register yourself as a DJ.  CuseParty.com has over a thousand registered users, many of which are looking to throw epic parties – all they need is you. MORE »