The National Society for Line Waiting announced this week that due to the overwhelming amount of students who have been forming lines to get tickets to events such as President Obama’s speech last week and Billy Joel’s Q&A in March, the University of Miami would have the honor of hosting the annual “International Waiting-In-Line-Symposium.” The prestigious event features all of the best overnight-campers, early-bird waiters, and last-minute queue-formers from across the globe as they come together to “celebrate the wait.”

“The University of Miami was the clear favorite to host this year’s symposium,” said Arnold Leinnup, president of the NSLW. “The students here have shown a real passion for waiting in lines, which is especially rare in this day and age of online ticket vendors and front-of-line passes.”

“We couldn’t be more thrilled to welcome this fantastic convention to our University,” said Shalala. “We’ve been waiting a long time for an event of this magnitude to grace our campus. Seriously. We’ve literally been waiting outside the Center for Line Waiting non-stop for the past month and a half just to find out if we had been selected.”

This year’s symposium will have one of the best lineups in years, with special line appearances from Orlando’s Disney World, the Apple Store, the DMV, and many other. The annual event will also be graced with the presence of two of the hottest lines out there today: that of the Unemployment Office and the ER! Both lines will be addressing Miami students about proper waiting-in-line etiquette. The Unemployment Line will even be holding demo lines for English, Art History, and other Arts and Sciences majors in order to “get them ready for the real world.” Attendees will be able to experience the best the world has to offer in line waiting. With so many different lines to choose from and such a dynamic slate of guest speakers, it is no surprise that students have already begun forming lines to get tickets to the event, which has been scheduled to take place in April. Said one student, “I’m so excited for the symposium, I’ve already been camping out in front of the ticket window for 3 days just to make sure I don’t miss out. Basically the International Waiting in Line Symposium is for us Line Enthusiasts, what Comic-Con is for nerds.”