Next time you pull
into Schnuck’s to reload your OJ, milk, and Cocoa Puffs, be sure to stop into
the new club/café/hotspot “Orange Leaf: America’s Frozen Yogurt.” Entering the
vicious frozen yogurt market, and competing against established names like “Fro
Yo” and “Chill,” “Orange Leaf” has really sparked some interest in the Wash U

*OL = Orange Leaf

POSITIVES (I love everything! No
negatives because hating on frozen yogurt is as pointless as hating on a resort
in Hawaii.)

-They don’t believe in spoons (so passé);
instead they only offer “shovels” to shovel as much froyo into your mouth at a
given time as possible.

-On your drive there you get to pass the
Fontbonne Christmas lights (during x-mas time their campus always looks
prettier than ours at night. Not fair!)

-Their WEBSITE. I am obsessed. They are some
clever marketing professionals over there. Here are some of my favorite

OL Locations:

-“Florida: It’s the one shaped like a yogurt
dispenser!” (and a peepee)

-“Arizona: Trade the desert for the
dessert!” (which one is witch!)

-“Missouri- Show Me the Yogurt!” (so commanding!)

Although OL has made
a name for itself, it hasn’t taken over America quite yet. It is still missing
its trendy Manhattan location (preferably next to Dylan’s Candy Bar). I am very
sad to report that OL’s closest Manhattan location is Staten Island. AGGG!
Nothing good has happened there since Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen’s 1995 film
“It Takes Two.”

(sidenote) Two memorable quotes from that

“You know, I really thought it was that
can’t-eat, can’t-sleep, reach-for-the-stars, over- the-fence, World Series kind
of stuff.”

“I’ve lost my mother, now I’ve lost my
father! I have no family. I’m an orphan, and I’m running away, so don’t you
dare tell Daddy!” (so sad!)

Okay, back to OL. I will leave you with this.

Flavors I
Want: BROWNIE BETTER (all the
time, day/night), Cookies & Cream, Birthday Cake

Flavors I Don’t Want: Orange, Dole
Pineapple, Honeydew, Butter, Taro (waz that?).