What to Expect from Professor James Franco

Article by Roy Parker October 9, 2012

He’s coming. It’s no joke. James Franco is going to teach a film production class for the Fall 2013 semester. What is going to happen in it? Who cares? James Franco is teaching it. And while that’s exciting and all, what really would it be like to have James Franco as a professor? If his... MORE »

Article by Cailin Lowry
October 7, 2012

The Trojan Family: Please Don’t Pull an OJ

If you’re reading this, you probably go to USC. If you go to USC, you’ve had the concept of the Trojan Family drilled into your head since stepping foot on University Park Campus.  The Trojan Family is comprised of every USC student, past and present. In a lot of ways this is great – you’re... MORE »

Article by Becca Grumet
October 3, 2012

Come for the donuts, stay for the drunk people

You can get anything from fritters to bagels to breakfast sandwiches to ice cream to any kind of boba-related drink to cereal to cigarettes to vitamin water to iPhone cases to copies of your assignment due in an hour. MORE »

Article by Cailin Lowry
October 1, 2012

USCaffeine, Midterms, 90s Movies

It’s midterm season, ya’ll. (I’m allowed to type ya’ll, I was born in North Carolina). You know what that means? All-nighters, dark under eye circles, growing hatred for your field of study… All that good stuff! You know what helps ease the pain/makes the nights spent in Leavey kind of better? Caffeine! Oh, caffeine, you’re... MORE »

Article by hmerkt
September 30, 2012

I Write Article In Hopes Of Seeming Cool and Interesting

Recent science, done by American high school students across the nation who find the subject to be, “for total nerds like Steven Glansberg,” has shown that at some point around junior year of high school fitting in all of a sudden becomes, “lame,” or as some students say instead, “mainstream.” Saturday morning I was found... MORE »

Article by Eric Pratt
September 29, 2012

Seven Psychopathic Recommendations: The USC GE Review

Three weeks ago, USC sent out an email, which ten people read, asking for feedback on some suggestions for a new GE program. I am as glad as a plastic trash bag that I took the time to read these and mad that there is no Internet equivalent of a plastic trash bag for me... MORE »

Article by Roy Parker
September 28, 2012

My Inner-Battle about Whether to See “Pitch Perfect”

SCA’s “Outside the Box Office” film screening series is doing a sneak preview of Universal’s “Pitch Perfect” tomorrow. I have a reservation because I make a reservation for anything that I’ve actually heard of prior to looking at the website. But I cannot decide on whether I should go or not, I keep swaying back... MORE »

Article by Becca Grumet
September 26, 2012

Young Adult Novels are Totally Cool

I have a confession to make: I never grew up. At least, with books. I mean, I’ve tried to read the classics and textbooks for school and weird angsty poetry but something always brings me back to the good ol’ days of hiding behind the awesomeness of the YA novel. Yes, even now in college.... MORE »

Article by hmerkt
September 23, 2012

Student Finds God In 45 Minute Sexile

Early saturday morning, Freshman Silas Fischler was abruptly sexiled from his dorm room by his over eager roommate who was just returning from his first college party. Fischler was rushed out of his living quarters due to his roommates uncertainty about how long the girl he brought home would be able to sustain consciousness. Never... MORE »

Article by Cailin Lowry
September 22, 2012

5 Non-Internet Things to Do During Class

Dear My Fellow USC Undergrads, I hope your summer was everything you hoped it would be and more (all 17,380 of you). I imagine you jet-setting – taking advantage of SOAR or SURF or whatever ways you convinced USC to fund your (“research”) trip to the Maldives/Ghana/Abu Dhabi/Brazil/ugh wherever I’m jealous regardless. I see you... MORE »