Shocking footage of SUNY Albany students during Kegs and Eggs Fest has caught national attention. Much like Slope Day at Cornell or Mayfest at Syracuse, students drink and party in the streets. However, these [retarded] kids got a little out of hand... as the video says, "Dude gets his maxima destroyed at 2011 kegs and eggs." He wasn't the only "dude" to get his car wrecked. TVs were thrown out of windows, students were destroying everything, everywhere.

I will admit, it's pretty crazy / amazing what students can do when their drunk. However, it's events like this that ruin partying for pretty much everyone else. When something this bad happens at your school, you've ruined any chance of having another "Kegs and Eggs Fest."

Syacuse Police, I ask you to not combat Mayfest. We would never get this stupid.
Cornell Police, you shut down a snowball fight. I have nothing to say to you.