Everybody knows how huge texting is in college. So do folks at Text Wilder! About two months ago they launched a brand new tool for students in the US to have fun and share their college experiences through texting. It’s very simple to set up. You just create a profile (http://textwilder.com/sign_up/) by picking up a nickname, your college and then registering your phone number. Then you just text all the stuff you want to the Text Wilder number at “714-FUN-ZONE” (which is obviously very easy to remember) and all your texts get posted on TextWilder.com within 15 minutes max! All texts are sorted by colleges which makes it really cool!

The beauty of it is that you don’t even need to have a data plan on your cell phone. You simply text! And it’s free (your regular texting fees apply) as Text Wilder doesn’t charge any extra for receiving texts from you. It’s just like you would be texting to any of your buddies in the United States.

Text Wilder also allows you to post ads through texting (also free), which we think is very convenient. Ads are then sorted by colleges (just like mainstream texts) so if you want to check the latest deals in your college or nearby schools, it’s very easy. More info at this page: http://textwilder.com/CollegeAds.

This website is very unique and although it’s rather young, it’s already gaining traction in this crazy world of college texting. Looks like students who are hanging out there are having a blast. Such texts as “Everytime I’m n da bathroom a college coach calls my phone and ask wat I’m doin. Lol” will crack up any college student.”

Check it out at TextWilder.com and give it a try!