“What’s your pin?” In perhaps what could be construed as great or tragic news, Dawn Engle will no longer ever have to hear the notorious three-word question uttered by BlackBerry smartphone users around the world. Following the iPhone’s recent availability for Verizon customers, Engle made the switch to the famous Apple smartphone – meaning she can no longer use BlackBerry’s exclusive real-time messaging service, the BBM.
One of her BBM contacts, Stacy Klein, has chosen to end her four-year relationship with Engle altogether. “Oh my god, I can’t believe she would end our BBM friendship like that!” she stated. “Sure, she may have a cool touchscreen and not have to pull the battery out of her phone every five minutes just to get it to work right, but what about our twelve-hour BBM convos? What about ME??”
Engle’s switch to the iPhone also removed her ability to participate in her sorority’s BBM chat group function, which allowed up to 30 of her sorority sisters to mass message one another with the tap of the button. “How is she ever going to know what kind of dressings they have at the house salad bar every day? Or vote on what color our bid day shirts should be? How can she not care about these things??” Klein continued as she held back tears.
When asked for comment, Engle was far more relaxed than her ex-best friend. “I’ve wanted an iPhone for a while now and was due for an update. Plus, my crazy roommate Stacy Klein is saying we’re not friends anymore, but she can still send me regular SMS text messages if she wants,” she explained.
“Thankfully, she won’t know when I’ve read them.”