Email and Facebook ads went viral this week advertising
something seemingly too good to be true:

Fifty percent off Campusfood orders.

College students across America ambushed the website,, today in their hunts for half-off food. Ideas of Chinese
takeout or Dominos pizza for a 2 for 1 price made every college kid’s dream
come true.

However, chaos ensued when maxed out their
coupons for 50% off as they processed an excessive number of orders. Not
because so many students wanted to grab Insomnia Cookies as a between-class
snack at half off, but because students began hording the reduced-priced food
as if preparing to live in a fall-out shelter.

“I ordered six Pad Thais,” says UCLA freshman, Rima
Highlander. “‘Cause yknow”¦you never know when you’ll need an extra Pad Thai”¦”

“We ordered as many bacon pizzas from Dominos as possible.
Then we moved on to Papa Johns. I think we could break a pizza record like Hey
Arnold did”¦” Says UConn sophomore, Brian Van Jenson. rep Sally Benion says the wave of students
was unprecendented. “We did not expect the influx of students we received. Nor
did we expect the bizarre orders which students compiled. One student ordered
nothing but cases of mango salsa from a Mexican restaurant. Some of the
students placing pizza orders asked for toppings that I didn’t know existed. It
was a peculiar day.”

“I tried to place my order just as they ran out of coupons
or codes or whatever they are called,” says St. John Fisher senior Mya Luciando.
“I took my offered 30% off coupon and bought six liters of Pepsi from our local
pizza place. Can’t hurt, right?”