This one is for the girls with North faces
Leggings, UGG boots, you know we had braces, 
When we come up on ya’ campus, you better respect us
If not, fall back, don’t try to undress us 
 And we pretty, we’re witty, we rock Hello Kitty 
We spend our parents money on a trip to New York City, 
We’re hot, you’re not, we might smoke pot 
We’ll fuck you if you take us on your big expensive yacht 
We’re money spending hoes who likes Marilyn Monroe 
 And the best of the best wear Silver and Bordeaux 
 We’re the type of girls haters love to hate 
 Ya, we’re the type of girls that dudes would kill to date 
 She said, “move bitch, and get the hell out the way” 
I said “wh, wh, wh, wh, wh what the fuck did you say?!?” 
I mean, “O my God, is your bag from Cache?” 
 “And I really like your shoes, do they sell them in gray?” 
 Ha! Nice try slut, now don’t even play, your ass is
Faker than the marriage of that douche and Kim K 
The name is Jackie G and I sit in V.I.P.,
I got a Bachelor’s Degree, so get the fuck up off of me.