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The Zuckerberg Network

Just months after The Social Network dominated theaters, Mark Zuckerberg was named Time’s Man of the Year. Let that be a lesson to you, kids: if you screw people over, people will hate you. But if you screw people over on a grand scale and someone makes a movie about it, you’ll be Man of the Year.

Hot Coco

November saw the return of everyone’s favorite class-clown Conan O’Brien to television. TBS, the network currently airing Conan, unveiled one of the largest marketing campaigns ever to promote O’Brien during the MLB postseason. However,  the campaign was lost on many who refused to watch a sport no one likes between two teams no one cared about on a network no one had ever heard of.

Jersey Bore

Jenni “Jwoww” Farley signed a book deal. Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi signed a book deal. Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino signed a book deal. In other news, maybe illiteracy isn’t such a bad thing after all…

Rally to Restore Sanity/Fear

Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert held The Rally to Restore Sanity/Fear in Washington D.C. in an attempt to, as the title claims, restore sanity (and/or fear). Clearly it worked, as illustrated by this website for Jimmy McMillan.

We’re All Counting On You

There’s no joke to be had here. We just wanted to mention Leslie Nielsen’s passing, since he is an idol and one of the funniest men to grace Hollywood. Good luck, Leslie. We’re all counting on you.